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Marina Antoniou Jewellery - Little Daisies for the Little Legs Foundation

We are coming up to one year since I launched Little Daisies, a collection of warm-hued, golden jewellery inspired by the anatomy of a Daisy. These special jewellery pieces were designed to support Little Legs Foundation, a local charity fundraising for childhood brain cancer research, in loving memory of Alegra. 

The symbol of Little Legs Foundation is a Daisy, and in the words of the Foundation’s founder and Alegra’s mother, Sue-Ellan, ”The Daisy is a flower that represents both innocence and purity, the definition of a child. It represents true love; he/she loves me, loves me not. Its white colour is angelic, and the yellow/gold in the middle is also traditionally symbolic of childhood cancer awareness.”

Little Daisies for Little Legs - Marina Antoniou Jewellery

When I knew I wanted to create a collection to support Little Legs Foundation,  I considered the Daisy, and immediately thought about the sense of wonder that children are born with, and the awe they often find in the details of nature. With this mind, the five pieces I’ve designed for this collection each celebrate the delicate components of this flower, from the gentle elliptic curve of its petals which I hand carve in wax and cast in gold, to the inner disc florets, which I make using a granule of gold. Each of these small golden granules hugs a sunshine-yellow diamond; as a bright reminder to hug and to hold that which is precious to each of us. 

From this collection, the hero piece is the Little Daisies necklace — comprised of six elements, to represent each of Allegra’s six years (below).

Little Daisies by Marina Antoniou for Little Legs Foundation

From each Little Daisies piece sold, $100 will be donated directly to Little Legs Foundation. Shop the collection here or learn more about Little Legs Foundation, Alegra’s story and their fundraising at littlelegsfoundation.org.au


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