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Marina Antoniou is an artisan working with precious metals and gemstones to handcraft bespoke, one-of-a-kind jewellery.

From her light-filled studio in Sydney’s Inner West, surrounded by trees and birdsong, she uses hand tools to make custom engagement pieces, wedding and commitment rings, heirloom jewellery and small made-to-order collections.

Marina approaches each piece as its own individual and intricate artwork, defined by organic shapes and inspired by colourways found in the natural world. 

In her work, she finds unending inspiration in the qualities of rare and precious Australian gemstones. She is drawn to sapphires, opals, Argyle diamonds, chrysoprase and turquoise and the way their liquid-like colours reflect nature— from the deep greens of rain-soaked bushland to sparkling teal waters and the gold of winter wattle. 

Each piece Marina works on is characterised by a gentle strength and defined by organic shapes and textures. Every curve, line and mark made in metal is a subtle reminder of the connection between the maker and the enduring character and quality of earth’s materials.  When these materials are given attention, creativity and care, they transform into something truly special: a precious heirloom. 

“Knowing that I am creating something so personal and sentimental is a real source of joy. When working on custom pieces, the connection with the client always informs the process. I love knowing that each piece will carry this meaning with it, as it goes on to become embedded with the memories, stories and emotions of its wearer…” – Marina Antoniou