/  Kate Mulvany wears The Sunburst Stud

/  Kate Mulvany wears The Sunburst Stud

Marina Antoniou Jewellery

In a shoot with photographer Sally Flegg earlier this year, Australian actress and writer Kate Mulvany wore her Marina Antoniou x Lauren Webster “Sunburst Earring” from The Lost Galaxy jewellery collection. And this resulting photo is too stunning to not share!

The Lost Galaxy jewellery collection is a collaboration between myself and artist Lauren Webster. A little while back, Lauren Webster and I joined forces to create a collection of fine jewellery pieces which tell the story of an outer space world of our own imagining. The series is made up of stars, comets, asteroids and constellations – and this piece in particular worn by Kate was inspired by “rays of sunlight”.

Drawing on each of our creative strengths, with Lauren’s ink on paper artwork lending itself to my work with gold and gemstones, Lauren and I have worked together to bring to life the Lost Galaxy.

“Lauren and I had dreamed about doing this for years! We took inspiration from outer space, which Lauren first sketched up with pen on paper. There was a lot of going backwards and forwards, and it took months to finalise which designs we would move forward with! I then brought her drawings to life at the bench. There a delicate pendants, statement chokers and earrings, which are sold as singles and designed to be worn either on their own or paired with other earrings from the collection!”

All pieces are handmade entirely in Sydney, Australia using solid 9 carat yellow gold, sapphires, rubies, diamonds and pearls.

You can shop the Sunburst Earring worn by Kate Mulvany and the rest of the Lost Galaxy collection here. 


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