/  Andamooka, South Australia

/  Andamooka, South Australia

Marina Antoniou Jewellery

Four years ago today I was in the South Australian outback exploring the opal mining town of Andamooka. I spent a week in Andamooka learning about its hidden treasures and its rich history.

I was taken on a very special tour underground through the opal mine of Hellmut Frittum, who arrived in Australia from Vienna in 1961. Hellmut is Andamooka’s only remaining opal cutter. He shared stories of the past and some fascinating (and heartbreaking) stories of his opal discoveries from over the years. I was also given the opportunity to run a jewellery making workshop for the kids at the local school to promote and encourage wellbeing throughout Andamooka and surrounding outback communities. 

It’s a trip that I’ll remember forever and one that I continually look back at and draw inspiration from when working with Australian opal. 


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