Seagrass Meadow Granule Studs


“The Seagrass Meadow story is inspired by blades of seagrass in underwater meadows. Pairings of dark and light sapphires with diamonds and turquoise cabochons reflect the journey of moving underwater, swimming through cool waters, dappled light and shade on the sea meadow floor.”


An 18ct yellow gold stud earrings set with Australian sapphires from Queensland and Australian turquoise from the Northern Territory. Handmade in Sydney, Australia.

Each stud is approximately 9mm x 9mm.


The Seagrass Meadow Granule Studs are part of Marina Antoniou’s collection, Neptune. Neptune is collection of jewellery exploring the intricacies of marine flora with extraordinary Australian gemstones. Visit here to find out more about this body of work.


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